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Stoke White Investigations is an editorially independent unit based within the law firm

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Stoke White Investigations or SWI-unit is an independent investigative unit based within the law firm Stoke White. 

In 2021, Stoke White recognised the need to form a unit dedicated to investigations covering public interest matters and support the legal team for its complex international law cases. 

The unit's investigators have already engaged in cases behind the scenes across multiple jurisdictions, including on the conduct of mercenaries, as well as on possible war crimes and crimes against humanity, among other ongoing special matters.

The investigations will reveal human rights abuses, expose injustice, and empower victims.

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ProtonMail is a secure email service designed to protect your inbox and identity. Send an encrypted email to Don't  forget to create your own free ProtonMail first to ensure all comms with the Unit are encrypted.


Signal Messenger - on request 

We prefer this app, as we destroy records of all communications as soon as detailed information has been recorded. Anonymity is guaranteed. 

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