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India's War Crimes in Kashmir: Violence, Dissent and the War on Terror

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

A selection of new and detailed evidence gathered from over 2000 testimonies offered by civilians forms the basis of our report into human rights abuses by India in Jammu and Kashmir, including torture, extrajudicial killings, and the detention of minors.

Although the violence inflicted on Kashmiri Muslims by the Indian army has been well documented, this report provides new evidence-based insights into the extent of the abuse based on 2000 testimonies gathered over one year. The report forms the basis of an appeal to the UK Metropolitan Police unit for the arrest of perpetrators of violence against civilians in this context.

Within the framework of the Global War on Terror and counterterrorism, acts of abuse are directed against those Muslims dissenting against Indian occupation by conducting legitimate protest, seeking legal recourse through the law, and embarking on peaceful civil society advocacy.

These individuals, and those who are uninvolved in any of the above activities but who have been swept up as innocent bystanders, feature as the subjects of this report. Of particular concern is the kidnapping at age 15 of Zia Mustapha and his 18-year detention without charge that culminated in his extrajudicial killing, as well as the torture of human rights defender Mohammed Ahsan Untoo.

This report also provides unique evidence of the presence of Israeli intelligence operatives during interrogations and torture of Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir. Indeed, the culture of impunity in the region has been enabled by a global environment in which torture has become acceptable under Western complicity.

Nearly three decades have passed and not a single member of the Indian military has been prosecuted, despite growing evidence of unlawful conduct. It is hoped this documentation will start a process of accountability and justice for survivors, through a more appropriate and rigorous implementation of international human rights law.

India's War Crimes WOT
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